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The Riviera Malibu Residences Launches

In the wake of a lengthy pandemic-induced delay, the highly anticipated Riviera Project is finally coming to life, this time nestled in the tranquil enclave of Soi 5, Pratumnak. With Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) approval granted nearly two years ago, this 31-story luxury endeavor marks the fifth installment in the esteemed Riviera Branded High-Rise series. It’s also the sixth project the visionary Owners have embarked upon in Thailand since 2010.

Phase 1 Triumphs: Strong Sales Over a Single Weekend
Initially conceived as a fusion of a hotel and a residence, a sudden regulatory shift by the government over the summer led to a rapid transformation in plans. In a remarkable display of enthusiasm, potential buyers flocked to the project, creating strong sales over that weekend for Phase 1. The remaining offerings were designated as opulent 5-star hotel rooms. Shortly thereafter, an unexpected legislative change necessitated an internal rearrangement of the project. While the adjustment may have posed a challenge for all parties involved, the timing was fortuitous, preventing potential issues down the line for both buyers and developers.


Winston Gale, the Managing Director of Riviera Group, shared insights on the project’s evolution: “We opted to retain the majority of the main hotel facilities within the now exclusively condominium building. The exceptional design and components of the hotel were simply too extraordinary to discard. Consequently, we’ve managed to maintain a similar range of amenities while also introducing new facilities by repurposing spaces that were previously allocated for hotel staff and operational use.”

In response to the question of whether the development still embodies the essence of a hotel lifestyle, Winston affirmed, “Precisely. This step takes the Riviera Brand beyond the confines of a mere condominium building.”

Continuity of Excellence: Managing the Finest Features
Inquiries about the operation of the internal amenities post-completion were met with clarity. Winston stated, “We, the Riviera Group, will manage the ongoing operation. It’s important to remember that we were initially planning to run a hybrid hotel-residence model ourselves. This is essentially a continuation of our original plan. We already oversee the management of The Riviera Jomtien, Monaco, and Ocean Drive, so this expansion is within the realm of our expertise, albeit with a greater emphasis on Food and Beverage outlets.”

Phase 2 Unveiling: Redefining Hotel Rooms as Luxury Condominiums
As the curtain rises on Phase 2, scheduled for launch from the 15th to the 17th of September, the spotlight turns to the transformation of the once-envisioned hotel rooms into exquisite condominiums. Winston affirmed this shift: “Indeed, these spaces have been adapted to better suit the condominium concept. The lineup includes captivating larger units such as 3 and 4-bedroom Sky Pool Residences, 2 and 3-bedroom Duplexes, along with several 2-bedroom units.”

Assurances were given regarding the furnishing aspect, with Winston confirming, “Absolutely, we’re delivering a high level of finish, particularly on the upper floors, while the lower units below the Sky pool will maintain the quality finishing synonymous with our prior projects. This distinction in furnishing quality is reflected in the pricing of the upper floors. Nevertheless, the lower floors remain highly attractive and competitive, most enjoying scenic sea views.”


Anticipating the Future: The Malibu Showroom
Looking ahead, a future adorned with possibility beckons. A Malibu Showroom is set to grace the horizon, signaling yet another visionary endeavor by the Riviera Group. Winston shared the exciting news: “Indeed, we’ve secured an excellent location at the Ocean Drive Sales Office, a space familiar to agents. Instead of dismantling the existing structure, we’ve opted to renovate the entire building and incorporate an expansive showroom adjacent to it.”
When asked about the anticipated unveiling date, Winston revealed, “We’re targeting the end of November or the start of December, provided all goes according to plan.”


The Riviera Project offers an unparalleled opportunity for those seeking top-tier quality and distinctive design, coupled with the promise of impressive returns, whether through rentals or capital appreciation. The construction is poised to commence in mid-October, with completion expected by December 2026. This is a venture that promises to add a new layer of luxury to Thailand’s property landscape.