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Ocean Drive Launches with 1,300 Guests at Extravagant Party



At the end of last year, The Riviera Monaco finished but to no Celebratory Party. Gone was the usual Extravagant Riviera Party, the shows and the seamlessly brilliant way they exhibit their latest projects. Asking Winston Gale on this he shared his thoughts; “At the time we finished Monaco, we were just not quite through the Covid period of people feeling comfortable in large crowds. Had we had a delayed party say 4-5 months later, I think we would have been fine but then it just wouldn’t have been the same. The excitement comes from the Grand Opening, the fact that no one has moved in yet and the building is empty, but waiting and ready to be occupied. It’s always an exciting moment in time for us”.


Seems only yesterday queues of people were sleeping outside The Riviera Monaco’s Showroom at the time to book in their latest Riviera Project (Ocean Drive). Pattaya had seen nothing like it to memory, people paid to sleep in a queue over 2 nights to reserve the unit they or their buyers preferred. The end result was a staggering 66% Sold in 48 Hours. Amazing what’s happened since then. Looking back, Covid being the most troublesome aspect of everyone’s lives and Pattaya was no exception creating a staggering amount of economic and human pain.

So finally, being able to do a Grand opening party for Ocean Drive puts a smile on your face then? 

WG “Absolutely, Monaco so deserved its own amazing party but had that stolen from it by Covid so we wanted to make sure this Grand opening reminded us all that the Markets coming back and to showcase the uniqueness of our project Ocean Drive.” 

Unique indeed, apparently over 1,300 guests attended are where able to wander the project and see its unique features. Completely different from any other of their projects (and any other project I may add) Ocean Drive really is a selfie haven for those crazy mad unique photos.  Every area seems to hold many clever ideas, a warmth shines through the project as if the design was all about passion. Speak to Winston and Sukanya, it’s clear where all this unmistakable fine detailed passion to every single area comes from. The entrance drop off is adorned with a gorgeous 1958 Buick classic American car relating to the Cuban feel of Ocean Drive, a mix of Miami and Cuba shining through. There’s even a couple of full-sized adult Giraffes to meet you (Seriously). Its ingenious, brave, sometimes eccentric feeling but overall, just Clever and a sense of a design masterclass on display. and an 80+year-old grand wooden entrance door greets you before you enter the lobby. The lobby itself is warm, natural stone, combined with wood, soft furnishings and striking red chandeliers adorn each seating areas. This whole design detailing continues on throughout the building – almost too much to describe, only a visit will do it justice