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July 2021

The Riviera Monaco Reaches For The Sky

Winston (pink shirt) and Sukanya Gale (orange shirt) with senior key members of their team.

On the 22nd July, The Riviera Group announced to purchasers that the building had reached its final top floor (40th) with a team photograph showing off the rooftop view. The project according to Winston Gale is due to finish approximately 4 months early next June 2021 with the main structure ahead of schedule.

It didn’t seem that long ago when this area had very little in the way of residences, but today, it’s a different story. The Riviera Monaco from today’s position sits in the centre of all the other properties and for today at least, is the current tallest structure amongst the cluster of buildings.

New areas developing often need a quality brand to join them to help push the area from developing to established. Certainly, The Riviera Group’s arrival in 2019 would have been a welcomed addition to the area’s other projects giving it the extra credibility it needed to finally put it on the map.

With Monaco’s structure now looking almost complete with windows fully installed, it does add class to the area and know-doubt all surrounding projects will benefit from this.